YDDOP: Bike Messengers & Hamburg Pillow Fights & SSIO

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Murder Of Couriers Trailer

murder couriers







Releasing tomorrow is Murder of Couriers, a documentary that explores the journeys and lives of Vancouver’s bike messengers. Directed by Tom Macleod and Neill Brill and released by Awkward Moment Productions, the award-winning documentary covers nearly three-years of experiences that include freedom, apathy, poverty and a fair share of danger. The full video is currently available for rent and purchase through Vimeo.

via Hypebeast.


Hamburg Pillow Fights

Civil unrest at its finest: Pillow Fights near Hamburg’s Davidwache via Vice.



If you had the chance to listen to any mix containing german rap music you must have already stumbled upon SSIO’s soon-to-be-classic “Nuttööö” (german “Nutte” transl: bitch). Digitalluc’s remix is getting a lot more attention than the original. Don’t know. Both do the trick for me.