YDDOP #5: Paris Hilton, Seals, Action Bronson, Louis C.K., ScHoolBoy Q

Your Daily Dose Of Procrastination Volume 5: “Ginormeous Saturday Edition”. Everything you need to procrastinate today!

Paris Hilton’s New McLaren 12C Spider Makes The Guys At Complex.com Question Their Life Decisions

Finally Paris Hilton’s hard work pays off. After slaving away at sex tapes, reality shows, and a more respectable career as a DJ, Paris has finally made it and copped a white McLaren 12C Spider.

via Complex.com

paris hilton spider

Image via http://www.zero2turbo.com/2014/01/paris-hilton-getting-mclaren-12c-spider.html


Video Of Some Dude Frolicing Around With Seals Makes Me Question My Life Decisions.

I mean seriously, how awesome is that? Seals are literally dogs that live in the water. I think.

via BoingBoing


Video Of Action Bronson And Company Reading Out Tour Dates Makes Me Want To Learn Sign Language Interpreting

News titled “Zach Gafilikanilakakis to Star in FX Comedy Co-written By Louis C.K.” Makes Me Want To Rewatch All Louie Seasons Immediately

via Hollywoodreporter
By the way: If you don’t know why that’s good news please have a look at this trailer for Louie season 2 on FX:

ScHoolBoy Q’s NSFW video for “Man Of The Year” Makes Me…

…nah forget it…

via Hypebeast