YDDOP #9: adidas ZX 710 OG, Google Glass Sex etc.

Your Daily Dose Of Procrastination today consists of a lot of stuff that you might have missed yesterday. It still amounts to a nice start to your procrastination efforts on this fine winter day.


Weird Google Glass Sex App Might Become Reality

Nerdcore has got all the information you need on the topic. Apparently an app for your Google Glass will finally make it possible to actually f*ck yourself by seeing through the eyes of your partner during sex! By the way, the story – surprisingly – is not NSFW!

Having sex with Google Glass on brings a completely new perspective. Experience sex like never before. Simply swipe to a new perspective. And enjoy the new view. When you connect your phone, you can even see what it’s like from any angle.

Quote via doktorsblog.


Adidas Goes Hard (Yet Again) With Its Re-Release Of The Adidas ZX 710 OG Retro

And now for something completely different: These sneakers look so hot that you should think about wearing thermo-buffering socks or tinfoil or something when rocking them.

adidas zx 710 OG

Adidas seems to be in some kind of rampage mode right now. They have done everything right with this Retro right here. All you haters of strange skate-shoe-esque toe boxes on new retro runners: This right here is how it’s done. I am going to try these. If the toe box is as nice on foot as it looks in those pictures I’ll cop right away.

Packer Shoes has got more pics to stare at. They are releasing in Europe some time this month or in february…depending on which Käseblatt-Blog (roughly transl. rag (newspaper) blog) you consult. Of course you can get them already in the US at Packer Shoes.

Image of the original ZX 710 via sneakersaddict.


Skatevideo: Nixon’s Happy F*kng Trip

Sunny vibe aesthetically? Check. Interesting soundtrack choices? Check. Recommended!

Nixon is proud to present another sweet escape of its skateboarding team, following the great success of the first edition of the “Happy F*KNG Trip” last year.
Once more, 6 Nixon’s European riders took off to hit the road together – the destination was no other that the beautiful island of Sicily deep down south in the Italian peninsula.

Source: Nixon Europe’s Vimeo Account

via Whudat.


…and first fashion trend of 2014? – Men Wearing Women’s Sunglasses

Peep the “story” at THEHUNDREDS’ blog.

the hundreds men wearing womens sunglasses

So…yeah…that’s it for today. You stay classy Procrasti Nation!