YDDOP #8 EUROPEAN MUSIC BUZZ: Sam Smith, Hiob, Morlock Dilemma, ObyNine

Your Daily Dose Of Procrastination is finally here. A little later than usual but it’s worth the wait, really! As I have to make up for two posts on US-American releases (Step Brothers & Duck Sauce) this right here is going to be eurocentric as a motherf*. Check my bunten Blumenstrauß der Musik (transl: “colorful bouquet of flowers of music”) below!

Sam Smith – Money On My Mind (UK)

This is as poppy as it gets here on Procrasti-Nation.eu. I actually feel bad liking it for some strange reason. But I can not not vibe o the straightforward beat and the very catchy chorus. Check UK’s Sam Smith and “Money On My Mind“:

I have done my research on the guy. He is responsible for the chorus on the rather awful “La La La” by Naughty Boy and for the vocals of Disclosure’s “Latch”. He is the BBC Sound Of 2014 according to the BBC. He’s going to have a good year 2014 according to The Guardian. And according to The Telegraph, he’s a joke.

sam smith kim jong un

(CC) petersnoopy: http://www.geografi-tjek.dk/foto.aspx?id=868

And while all of that may or may not be true – I only have one thing on my mind.

I am wondering: Has no one noticed that this guy could have even more success as a Doppelgänger for Kim Jong Un? Man, this guy Sam Smith has to know there is a certain likeness between him and “The Great Leader”.

So why in the name of everything holy would he wear a jacket that could actually be the exact same that Kim Jong Un is wearing when he attends executions of close family members? Come on man, put on a sports jacket or something. At least in your videos…

Why would you wear a warm coat in Vegas anyway? Have a look at the video and judge for yourselves…are we maybe witnessing the pop career of the late Kim Jong Il’s second son?

via cream.cz


Hiob und Morlock Dilemma – Delirium Tremens (Germany)

hiob morlock dilemma kapitalismus jetztIf you thought Germany is all Oktoberfest and super happy because of the strong economy and stuff – think again.

This video by Hiob and Morlock Dilemma makes Germany seem like a sad scandinavian place in the far north. The sun rises at 11 AM to have a quick disgusted look at the black-and-white (mostly grey) landscape just to disappear again at 2 PM. There’s your Winterdepression (transl: seasonal depressive disorder) for ya:

The bomb. There will be more of those two here on Procrasti-Nation.EU as soon as Kapitalismus Jetzt (transl. Capitalism Now) drops in February.

via herrmerkt.


ObyNine – Serotonin (Jarreau Vandal Remix) (The Netherlands)

Last but not least: