YDDOP #3 Sinjin Hawke & Just Blaze & Gavlyn & Figub Brazlevic & Hot and Spicy Food

Your Daily Dose Of Procrastination Music and Hot and Spicy Food. Procrastinate to this!

International Day of Hot and Spicy Food

Yupp, it’s today. As I have been to Thailand for more than two weeks fairly recently I have had my share of Spicy Food. But this is a public service annuncement for all you procrastinators out there: Celebrate by just adding a tiny bit more of that spicy stuff to your Döner Kebab today folks! And don’t forget the Ayran. Drinking milk-ish stuff is the only medicine for burning-mouth-syndrome. I am going to dive into that topic at a later point, maybe even today. Until then, take this as my health advise: Ayran Ayran Ayran.


Just Blaze x Sinjin Hawke – One

Not much to say really. This track is exactly what you would expect from those two dudes sticking their heads together. Which is good.

via Fact


Gavlyn – Guilty Pleasure (Prod. Figub Brazlevic)

Gifub Zlabrevic is back.


Further Procrastination:

One of the weirdest dudes in music is planning to celebrate a little comeback: Morrissey signs with Universal. Which reminds me: I have not yet bought and read his little autobiography. Have you?

And Yeezus has finally gone Platinum.

And – surely because of some complex – thieves have tried to raid Sigmund Freud’s ashes.


That’s it for today, you stay classy Procrasti Nation!