The Wolf Of Buzzfeed (Video)

This fake trailer is so on point, it hurts a bit. Or, to quote Media Philosopher Homer Simpsons: “It’s funny, cause it’s true“. It’s basically a mash-up of the trailer for The Wolf Of Wallstreet and the story of Buzzfeed‘s rise to success. Peretti, who for many people is the devil himself, seems to like it though. As always, it’s hard to know with that guy what’s a prank and what is to be taken serious.

Read more about the guy here.

Is this what the future of journalism looks like? Cute animal pictures, funning listicles, with a few quick news stories in between – oh, and some serious coverage. That’s the exact recipe that took US media startup Buzzfeed to success. The site attracts 140 million visitors per month, founder Jonah Peretti said.

Peretti is the brains behind the website and was also involved in the beginnings of the Huffington Post in 2005. A year later, he began working on the side on a viral experiment: Buzzfeed Labs, which began as little more than a collection of links to popular internet content. When AOL bought the Huffington Post in 2011, Peretti could finally start fully concentrating on Buzzfeed.

via Gawker, ironically.