3 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Lunchbox” At Your Local Cinema

1. Because the whole visual experience is amazing. I think you might be able to “get” India’s special vibe and all the action that’s constantly going on everywhere if it hits you right in the face from the big screen. I doubt it’ll come across as vividly once you’ll be able to watch it on your 13inch screen.

2. Because you really need to listen to all the tiny details. The dragging on a cigarette and the resulting burning ash. The trains that whizz through the smog of Mumbai. The tasting of all the Thali dishes.

3. Because The Lunchbox deserves to be the exclusive center of your attention. Because it’s entertaining, it’s art and it’s unfolding an epic love story right in front of your eyes. And you’d probably miss it on your laptop or tele if you’re a tiny bit like me.

I’m just having problems appreciating stuff like that when I’ve got the option to grab my phone at the first moment I’m not completely captured by whatever I’m watching. And I guess I would have zoned out pretty soon – if I hadn’t seen it in an environment where you’re meant to inhale movies – not just kill time somehow.

the lunchbox trailer cizi obed svetozor prague

Yadda yadda. Peep the trailer and if you’re not too much into it? Don’t worry, you’ll like the movie anyway.

By the way if you’re having trouble understanding the whole “lunch in a box…on a bike…on a train” thing? Do your research on the Dabbawallas!

Oh and one more thing. If you’re ever in Prague and you fancy a flick be sure to watch one at Svetozor. It’s a cinema that loves cinema. Accompanying the movie “The Lunchbox” they had an Indian restaurant sell Samosas, Curry and Mango Lassis in their stair case. Brilliant.