What European Countries Want, According to Google Autocomplete

So Mashable released a neat little map of what each state in the US wants according to Google Autocomplete.

iceland wants to be your friend

I do not have a nice little map. In fact I might be offering the ugliest picture on the internet since MS Paint was the #1 graphic tool.

But it’s all about content here. And you already know that we Europeans get up to some weird shit…and the analysis via Google Autocomplete didn’t disappoint. So here it is. What European Countries Want, According to Google Autocomplete:

what european countries want according to google autocomplete

So apparently a lot of countries in Europe – disturbingly many – are in desperate need of some love from One Direction or Justin Bieber: Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia. Actually Slovenia doesn’t need anything else than Bieber. Come on kid, don’t be cruel, give Slovenia some love!

Switzerland and Germany want (their) gold back?!

Spain wants to tax the sun. That would solve a lot of problems for them actually.

Slovakia wants to name a bridge after Chuck Norris.

Poland wants to bomb Germany. Norway wants to bomb Israel. Hey, chill out, make love not war. Have a look at Italy, they just want to be hugged.

Oh yeah and for some reason, Norway wants your trash. Watch out though, Norway: Sweden is sneaking up to you! And they only want your trash. Well and they want you to dance as well.

swedenwants sweden wants you to dance

Original US Map via LaughingSquid.

Oh and last but not least: The Czech Republic doesn’t seem to want anything. Typical. It just waits and takes whatever it gets.