Watch This Video And Learn Why Daft Punk’s and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” Dominated 2013

In this brilliant and short video a “musical genius” (German radio station WDR 1Live’s Chilly Gonzales) explains the unique and musically attractive appeal of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams – which I have come to hate, to be honest. It was just too omnipresent and therefore got annoying pretty quickly. However, this video is brilliant anyway. Plus: It offers a lot of educational value and is still entertaining as a motherf. So don’t hate! Educate!

via Blogrebellen. I have seen it being mentioned on testspiel and Blogbuzzter as well. But nowadays, as soon as I see “Happy” or “Get Lucky” anywhere, I duck and run away…or at least skip the headline. With Blog.Rebellen I’m almost obliged to read everything, even if it’s about Pharrell’s “Happy” or said Daft Punk smash hit, just because I write for them as well. I got lucky in this case. Hihi, sorry.