Watch Drake Being Verbally Abused By Random Idiots On Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News (Video)

Now that’s what I call entertainment…and I don’t even really like Drake! But this little stunt is just very funny. Jimmy Kimmel’s whole “Lie Witness News” segment was getting kind of lame, just because it didn’t really change wether they did it at SXSW, Coachella or elswhere. They were always able to find a nice variety of hipsters, telling them random opinions on bands with the most ridiculous names that Kimmel’s writers had made up.

In this edition, “Fake Drake” shines as interviewer and subject of the interview at the same time, asking random people on the streets about the latest alleged Drake publicity stunts (that all hadn’t really happened of course). How was he able to not laugh or lose his temper while being subjected to these enormouse amounts of ridiculousness? Amazing. Chapeau, Drizzy!

via Hypetrak.