Stones Throw’s “Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton” Is Out Now On DVD & Stream

…and I really hope that it has a lot more to offer then could be deduced from that half hour of bonus footage. Because honestly: These scenes are just not that entertaining. Although I guess every music blog on the net will mention that video today because Kanye is in it.

And Kanye West really does have a very interesting mind. His logic is impeccable. At 24:10 he starts revealing his genius idea: Losing Biggie, Pac, Dilla, Steve Jobs (!) and Michael Jackson almost makes Kanye feel that the devil is winning?! Sorry? Well, never mind. Let’s pray to the devil or Steve Jobs or whomever that the actual film has more to offer in terms of philosophical and musical ingenuity than these 29 minutes…

OVWAT – The B Side – “Extra Special Loving For The People” from Gatling Pictures on Vimeo.

Do check out the full movie tho. I now I will.

via Rolling Stone.