Trillmatic: A$AP MOB feat. Method Man (Video)

I am not the biggest fan of the A$AP movement in general. But when I heard Q-Tip was giving them props for using the word “funky” on “Trillmatic” a lot – I was very interested. Saying “funky” a lot has indeed never been a bad thing. Ever.

And Q-Tip is right. This track goes hard. I especially love the 90ies Nas-videos look. And of course I love the phone at 3:50. I mean, it’s so big you could almost call its appearance a cameo. Love it. That phone might be the most “trillmatic” thing of all the trillmatic things in this very trillmatic video. See the only valid definition of the word below. Nice service, hum?

Something that stretches far beyond the limits of tight, and is so incredible that it can only be described with the proper respect as trillmatic.

Source: Urban Dictionary

By the way. Not only can you buy Wu-Tang-girlie-shirts at european h&ms right now. Nupp. There are also A$AP Rocky sweaters. “Sweaty mothaf****, h&m is what I’m reppin’”. Spotted in Prague, Czech Republic. Very trillmatic…