U.S. Trailer Trash x Berlin Fashion Label

Muschi_Modelshot_Chantal-Shirt_RGB_WebBerlin fashion label “Muschi Kreuzberg” (transl.: Pussy <insert hip district of you capital here>) has obviously decided to go with a certain breed of models for their new look book: Folks who could have been part of the extremely akward nazi posse in season 5 of Breaking Bad.

All in all Muschi Kreuzberg’ Erfolgsgeheimnis (tranls. secret to success) seems to be mixing a very Berlin-y vibe with American Pop Culture. On the one hand you see ugly socialist-era architecture in black and white. And then again the people that seem to inhabit that particularly german urban surrounding are wearing clothing with prints like

  • Hard Knock Wife (Beyonce by the way has not been sighted representing the phrase, funnily enough)
  • R.A.P. in the font you might know from the little known Musikkapelle N.W.A. / N****s With Attitude
  • Fakers, almost indistinguishably looking like the L.A. Lakers logo.

I am so going to do that the other way around – having german senior citizens parade around FC Bayern München jerseys in Harlem, NY. Coming up with easily understandable puns will be difficult though…

Head over to Muschi Krezuberg online store to get a nice “dirty sanchez”.