Thank You Jay Dee, Acts 1 & 3 (Mixtape Stream)

There are like a gazillion things you should give more fvcks about on this day than about the opening ceremony of the olympics. One of those things is of course human rights in general. Another thing – not quite as important maybe – but still more important than Putin’s 40 billion € party is:

It’s Dilla Day

James “J Dilla” Yancey. Celebrate the legacy!

Click click click boom for the mixes and a nice little bonus!

Act 1

Act 3

Suite For Ma Dukes

By the way: Buying the recording of this live performance might be one of the best investments of your life!

And one more bonus via egotripland: Benji B’s tribute mix (February, 2006):

Benji B BBC 1Xtra J Dilla Tribute Show (February 2006) by Benji B on Mixcloud