The Story Of Future R&B (Audio Documentary)

OK kids, the week so far has been rather “fun and games”…or should I say “farts and games” even, but that’s about to change. Listen to this audio documentary about “Future R’n'B” by BBC Radio1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova and get introduced to this exciting new genre.

I actually have been listening to these remixes and original tracks by Full Crate, Kaytranada and the likes for almost a year now and all that time I have been wondering what this new phenomenon is, which so successfully merges musical memories from the nineties with modern bass & electronic beats. Now I know. And soon you will know: The Story of Future R&B:

Jamz Supernova takes a look into the exciting and experimental world of Future R&B.

Inspired by 90’s culture and fuelled by modern technology, meet the innovative generation of future stars who are transforming R&B.

Jamz meets the Future R&B fleet; @kelelam , @Bondax, @justsza, @fullcrate, influential label @Soulection and @Diplo as well as original R&B superstar, Amerie to examine this progressive new sound’s deeply nostalgic root in 90s culture. Plus Jamz captures Amerie’s reactions to some of these cutting edge tracks to find out how it feels to have inspired a new wave.

the story of future r&b