SSIO Live At Splash #17 2014 (Video)

Wer ist SSIO? SSIO is half rapper, half entertainer, half “Ticker” and half student. That’s at least 100% more of everything than any other rapper out there can account for. Still, he is one of those artists that festival booking people (so far) have not been too keen on booking.

Among the reasons* for this unfortunate situation are his love for throwing Pom-Bären (German crisps that look like little bears, kind of) at his audience and for spontaneous Glockenbeat-drop-mosh-pit-sessions (from minute 09:00 onwards)…

At Splash #17 2014 SSIO finally got his debut set and man, did he deliver. Check out the complete live set right here:

*Oh yeah…and there is another reason maybe. He brought persona non grata Schwesta Ewa along with him who began her intro by declaring that she would give discounts to everyone who would stay for a bit after her track…which wouldn’t be too special if Schwesta Ewa hadn’t literally been a prostitute before exchanging that old career for her status as one of the best female rappers in Deutschrap. Check her impressive stage entrance from minute 23:10.

Da fliegen die Pombären! Fitnesstrainer SSIO hat das splash! Festival unter Kontrolle und trainiert im 45-Minuten-Workout Arm- und Diskomuskeln. Und er hat sich Unterstützung mitgebracht. Wer ist SSIO