Soulection Live Set By Esta On Some Kind Of Boat Or Something

The Soulection Crew took over French LeMenotron recently.

And if my French was a bit better (than almost non-existant) I could tell you what that thing actually is.

But I can’t.

I do know, however, that you should use this excellent mix by Esta to GTFO of your office and get ready for a relaxing summer evening.

All of the mixes can also be found on Soundcloud, of course. And please correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t this IAMNOBODI in the videos, casually sitting around and typing on his phone? If so, why wasn’t he allowed to work with the decks a little bit as well? Shame…

Pour sa première date à Paris, on ne pouvait pas louper l’équipe du jeune label californien dont tout le monde parle, Soulection. Les deux fondateurs, @joekay et @julio_thewhooligan, ainsi que les deux figures montantes du label, @beatsbyesta et @mr_carmack, se sont donc succédé derrière nos platines pour notre plus grand plaisir. Bonne humeur, future bass, hip-hop et r’n'b au programme !

Après cette première date parisienne…

Check out the videos with the other guy’s sets on LeMelotron’s Youtube channel: