Skatevideo Saturday: French Farmers & Asphalt Yacht Club

…because why shouldn’t you watch two very entertaining skatevideos for brunch or something on a saturday.

#1: Le Skate Moderne

Le skate moderne’ is a half-fiction half-documentary video inspired by Raymond Depardon’s piece ‘La Vie Moderne’ (2008).
Here costumes, landscapes, dialogues are inspired from this movie, but it definitely puts a new take on the ‘classic’ skateboard video.
The main idea was to come up with something different from the ‘fish-eye’ lines of traditional skateboard videos, here the emphasis is put on storytelling and aesthetics.
Skateboard is taken out of its urban environment.

Via dslmag.

#2: Asphalt Yacht Club Sails The Southwest

Arizona, California, and Nevada. Nyjah Huston, Jaws, Riley Hawk, Stevie Williams, Blake Carpenter, Stefan Janoski, Ben Nordberg, and Derrick Wilson embark on AYC’s first official roadtrip.

Via Whudat.