The Other Side of SCHLAGER (Free Mixtape)

What we have got here is a very interesting and groovy mix of psychadelic and/or funky Schlager gems with “a druggy edge to it” from Germany, courtesy of The Black Pearl Divers. I know: You weren’t aware of the fact that you needed a Schlager Mixtape in your life. But now you have got one!

A dj mix with nearl y only WEST German records – and one from GDR / DDR because of it´s deepness and poetic lyrics – mostly fuzzy funky psychy Schlager tracks with a small druggy edge to it.

These are some recently diggings and some new discoveries, and one two classics of course.

This mix is dedicated to the other, more darker and psychedelic side of independent german Schlager music, with deeper, fresher and different lyrics, as Schlager from the entertainment-hitparade-market.

This DJ Mix is of course for FREE DATA CONSUMING…… hope you enjoy !!!….. Black Pearl Records