Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp II (Free Mixtape Download)

Ey yo hold on – don’t skip this post. Yeah, alright, the artist’s name takes time to get used to and the title of his mixtape “Beautiful Pimp II” sounds odd, but give the guy a chance. I finally got around to listen to his entire tape today and loved it. It’s an artsy marriage of classic Hiphop vibe with trap-esque modern elements. I strongly advise you to A watch the video for “I Was On One, I Can’t Lie” and B download or stream the full mixtape below if you are into either of the following artists:

  • Kendrick Lamar, because Fortune is extremely versatile in terms of flow and voice.
  • Drake, because there is A LOT of emotion in each and every track (and with Fortune that’s a good thing).
  • Kanye West, because with the style and length of his tracks, Rome Fortune doesn’t seem to care for radio airplay
  • Rome Fortune’s Granddad, because he is actually playing the vibraphone on five tracks of this album.

Mark my words here, this guy will be going places.

If BPI felt like a sketchbook of intriguing ideas, BPII is a cohesive statement. And a weird one. Cito’s icy palette interpolates yacht-rock smoothness, slow-mo snap and Ryan Hemsworth-esque wistfulness, but overall his sound is wholly his own: hushed and precious, with undercurrents of sorrow. Over all of this, Fortune is more emotionally raw than ever here, his thoughts winding and trailing off in a way that feels like unfiltered inner dialogue. Heightening the intimacy, the tape features Fortune’s grandfather playing vibraphone on five tracks, as well as vocals from his oldest son. It’s a calm, quiet triumph.

Via thefader.