Who Is Responsible For Outkast’s Performance At Coachella Having Been Widely Received As A Flop? (Video)

The question isn’t as easily answerable as it may seem. Marinelli has just sent me a link to an interesting article that is stating quite clearly who is to blame: EDM. Which got me thinking. How does it make sense to make one music genre responsible for the performance of artists from a completely different genre going badly?

Have a look at Outkast’s set and especially at the audience’s reaction before you read on. Although I’m sure you – like me – won’t be able to watch the whole thing anyway. It almost hurts to see all these people not giving any fvcks at all…

It’s a new era for live music, and acts that aren’t going to be bringing the requisite amount of energy to please a crowd filled with thousands of casual fans need to consider their audiences more carefully now than ever before. You can’t expect someone who just staggered away from getting their brain rearranged at an explosive, confetti-filled Zedd performance is going to respond in any meaningful way to lyrical hip hop, unless they’re already a fan. It’s sad in a way, that a duo with such a storied career can no longer sufficiently entertain a large festival audience – but all is not lost. It’s a matter of “picking your spot,” and I can say with complete confidence that Outkast, or any of their contemporaries from the bygone golden era of hip hop, can still rock a crowd of thousands. Just not at a mainstream festival anymore.

Source: Why It’s EDM’s Fault Outkast Flopped / EDM

Is it EDM’s fault though? Nah. Is it Outkast’s fault for performing poorly? Nah. That’s just the way hiphop gigs go. A little “wave ‘em in the air like you just don’t care” is very often the absolute maximum of excitement. That’s just the way it is. No need for fireworks and choreography ‘n sh!t. Kanye West is the only artist who has lifted his performance on another level compared to all the others. However, by doing so he has also changed the very core of his audience from backpack enthusiasts to Nike Air Yeezy wearing hypebeast kids that sing along to his 808&heartbreaks songs the loudest.

So who’s to blame? I’ve got the answer. And I’m going to refer to the article you’re reading right now later this year once Outkast’s performance at German Splash Festival will be available to be watched online. I am betting my entire reputation and all my earthly possessions on this. The crowd at Ferropolis will go absolutely bananas from beginning to end. Because the audience at Splash Festival is into hiphop. The audience at Coachella on the other hand is more into…well…other isht, as Tyler The Creator has been noticing:


The person to blame for this mess clearly is the idiot who thought it was a good idea to kick off the series of reunion performances at Coachella a.k.a. the festival you go to to take selfies and state how much you’re into acts that have never existed and probably never will. Period. EDM has got nothing to do with that. It has just been a very bad choice in terms of which festival to start with. Watch out for the Kast’s performance at Splash though. People will be wildin’ out. And EDM won’t be able to stop them.

Oh, by the way. That Boogie Michl Outkast tribute mixtape? Still dope as hell though: Listen.

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