Redman’s Crib 2001 And 2014 (MTV Cribs Video)

You remember that legendary MTV Cribs episode where Redman introduced us to his shack? When he showed us his money box ‘n stuff? Well…he’s got it all pimped up. He beyonce-ed the bathroom. And he’s got a money sock now. Enjoy the brand new MTV Cribs starring Redman and his old crib.

The most legendary MTV cribs feature, Redman, is back in 2014 for a very quick peek at his notoriously humble and cluttered home. 13 years after the first visit in 2001, Redman is still living in the same spot, but can now make 4 pieces of toast at a time and now keeps his dollars in a sock instead of a box.

Via TheFindMag.

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