Psaiko.Dino – #hangster out now 01/17/2014

psaiko dino #hangsterPsaiko.Dino’s first album “#hangster” is out now. Well, tomorrow. But it’s almost out. And it is going to go right to the top of the charts. But why? And who is the guy actually?

Looking up images of Psaiko Dino (formerly Cro’s tour DJ) on google tells you a lot about the guy. Above the actual results for your query you get four suggestions for more search terms, three of which pretty much confirmed the general impression I have gotten so far:

“Psaiko Dino 2013″: Before 2013 nobody seems to have heard of the guy. Ever. He might not have existed in 2011. Even in 2013 when he was invited (rather surprisingly) to recap the year in a hip hop show with Falk Schacht, Sido, Haftbefehl and Cro neither Sido nor Haftbefehl seemed to have any idea who the guy was. In fact, Sido does ask him right at the beginning “Wer ist Psaiko Dino eigentli(s)ch? … Und woher kennt man di(s)ch?”, which at that time was a valid question. A bit impolite, but still valid. I can’t even properly translate the remark without losing the mean aspect but Sido was some kind of a spokesperson for german hip hop fans as every viewer in the audience must have thought: “Why are you here, actually, who are you man? GTFO.”

The little dialogue is history now and acts as intro and interlude for the first little commercial for Psaiko Dino’s rookie effort #hangster:

Funnily enough later in the show Haftbefehl – who is not really a hiphop legend but compared to Psaiko Dino must be considered a T-Rex – realizes that he has in fact bought beats from Psaiko Dino and that he has used them as well. Since then things have changed. The intro on #hangster is featuring Sido, another track is featuring Haftbefehl. Friend or foe…

“Psaiko Dino Tattoo” and “Psaiko Dino Frisur” (tranls. “haircut”) tell me that I am right in assuming kids think he is to rap music what Mario Götze and Marco Reus are to football, who in return are to german football what Beckham and Ronaldo are to football in general. This sentence might not have been super correct grammatically but you catch my drift.

What I am trying to say is: This guy seems to make rap accessible to screaming little girls. That sounds a bit like a diss but it actually isn’t. Speaking of disses though, there is one thing I want to get off my chest.

What’s up with that name man, come on. “Psaiko Dino”, sorry, “Psaiko.Dino” as an artist’s alias? Psychotic Dinosaur? What in the name of everything holy? “Psaiko Dino” must be up there on the list of worst names ever with “Puff Daddy”, “Right Said Fred” and “DJ Westbam”. But again, I can’t really say much, it seems to work for him.

Cro (and some other guys, Marteria and the likes) did a lot for hip hop in terms of airplay and publicity in 2012 and 2013. Almost 40 million views for “Easy” speak for themselves. Hell, it’s a rap song, performed in a language that hasn’t even got 100 million native speakers.

Before Cro, german rap was either underground and well-crafted or artificially pop-ish and very bad. Not many rappers have managed to jump into the mainstream without disappointing heavily quality-wise. Nowadays you can name “rap” as your kind of music without other adults looking at you like you had just told them you like to mix heroine and chrystal meth into your cereals before you shove them up your behind.

Back on topic: You can’t really knock Psaiko Dino’s craft judging from the bits and pieces that have leaked from “#hangster” so far. If you do, you are pretty much bound to be left behind. Hell, the guy has got everyone and their mom’s on “#hangster”. Celo and Abdi have been responsible for one of the most grimey and creative albums in recent times. Sure, the support from Haftbefehl did help, but “Hinterhofjargon” (transl. backyard slang) would have been critically acclaimed with or without that help. And now, Celo and Abdi are delivering “Hipster-Hof-Jargon” (transl: hipster’s backyard slang) with Psaiko Dino for his #hangster-album:

So, what does “#hangster” actually mean? A translation isn’t even necessary, it’s just the combination of the two opposing forces in german rap at the moment: “Hipster”-rap and “Gangster”-rap. And the album seems to be able to keep the promise that is inherent in its name. He has even got Palina Rojinski on a track, Chief Hipster and Germany’s only It-girl that has got any relevance to the target audience.

You want to know my verdict? I have not got any doubts: #hangster will be the best selling german rap record of the first half of 2014. Come monday next week it will be right at the top of the German charts and it will stay there for quite a while. That’s my verdict. I am not going to get his haircut. I am not interested in his piercings and tattoos. But I am going to love randomly tuning into some radio station just to hear voices that until three years ago you couldn’t just stumble upon on any radio station, because the rappers they belong to were virtually unknown then: Celo & Abdi, Haftbefehl, Schwesta Ewa…who by the way is a former prostitute. So yeah. To listen to her voice three years ago, I would have had to go to Frankfurt’s red light district with like 50 bucks or something…

Don’t hate, appreciate!

#hangster Tracklist:
01 Intro feat. sido
02 8kmh feat. Cro & Haftbefehl
03 Hop Hop Hurra feat. Die Atzen & Psaiko.Dino
04 Mach kaputt feat. Rockstah, Bass Sultan Hengzt & Teesy
05 Boah! feat. Bartek & Palina Power
06 Unser Tag feat. mtzsch (Heisskalt), Patrice & Olli Wunderkynd Banjo
07 Sei groß! feat. Capo & LARY
08 Werdegang feat. Schwesta Ewa & Kaas
09 #hangster feat. Eko Fresh & DCVDNS
10 Alles rasiert feat. Chuck Inglish & Megaloh
11 Superstar feat. DaJuan & Olson
12 Klischees feat. Celo & Abdi & Sam
13 Placeboeffekt feat. Muso & Julian Williams
14 Outro feat. Weekend

Tracklist via Splash-Mag.