PROCRASTI-NATION.EU’s This Month In Music January 2014 Edition (Soundcloud Playlist)

jay z who exploded in the toilet facial expression

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Alright people, have your “OMG, who exploded in the bathroom” facial expression ready. Yupp, get your Jay-Z-face on!

This month was way heavier in terms of music content on this blog than I could have possibly imagined. I have hardly blogged about anything else but music actually. There has not been one single article on riding elephants or visiting beautiful beaches in Thailand although I’m just back from a wonderful trip through this beautiful region…instead I got fascinated with “The Flute Drop“, the musical efforts of Kim Jong Un’s long lost brother Sam Smith and trap music…

As most of the musical action has been going on on Soundcloud I have collected my favorites in a playlist. And as january of 2014 is almost over I put all the tracks in a fitting order for your enjoyment. It starts of nice and slow, gets rougher in the middle and climaxes with pretty exhausting trap and future bass in the end.

While most of the tracks are from 2014 there are also some classics from the past. Oh yeah, and of course it finishes with the king of the flute drop. of course.

Tracklist? Nah. Stream Of Consciousness List below. Be on the look out for the next edition, coming at the end of february!

Brrrrrrrrenk (Austria represent!) – Büchsenoffner (transl. can opener) bridge to the big homie Jonwayne – Ode To Mortality (Don’t bother releasing your album Jay Elec, we don’t need you anymore, we’ve got Jonwayne now) – IF YOU SEE ME WALKING DOWN THE STREET – Interlude – Mos Def, the only dude who’s allowed to be mashed-up with Marvin Gaye

Getting a tiny bit rougher here – and back to the backpack: Phife (ATCQ) – more Jonwayne – a nice little random find: soulful as a motherf - Marz feat. Mr. Shiz and Straight outta…one of THE classics of 2013…sadly nobody seems to have noticed that though…spread the word! - SSIO what can I say – mit dem mofa richtung sonnenuntergang – Veedel Kaztro classic…brave beat choice

Getting rough again…Quakers?! – Holla Holla – bing chung ping I PUT THE NUMBERS ON THE BOA erm hoards

Sit back relax – get into the groove – catch it aaand

Go to church with Luda and Lex Luger! – Just Blaaaaze?

Feelin’ this – Lovin’ this Mayer Hawthorne Remix – fwdslxsh..what? – Komm rum dem Ding! – Yeah Yo – Is a Fannypack what I think it is? –  Old ass track from Berlin I think…Schillerpromenade jetzt neu bei Nordsee – more Zikomizzo – Queen B you a bad girl and you friends bad too! – 1990s house?

POPPED A MOLLY I’M SWEATIN’ WHOOO – trappier even: Diplo – Pharaoe Monch trapified? Is that allowed? – I go so hard at DJ HERO with the original of this track by Deadmau5 and Kaskade – Pop banger diplo-trap-ified? Call the po-lice! – Im Jong Un, all your base are belong to us –  FLUTE DROP

Enjoy this mix, I know I have.

Oh yeah. There’s an artwork for the mix, too. Well, “art”work:'s this month in music january 2014 edition soundcloud playlis

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended at all. If anyone should have a problem with any of the tracks in this playlist, please let me know: info(at) I’ll get rid of the free promotion of your client’s art right now!