Procrasti-Nation.EU This Month In Music February EDM Edition

Since I am entertaining guests at my place today and I am in the process of preparing Thai food and mean drinks and stuff this month’s EDM gem collection sounds a bit carelessly put together. There’s no cover either. I’ve been filtering and collecting all month and I think it may be better to release the playlist into the wild today – since it’s Saturday – rather than sorting it all out tomorrow and releasing it on Monday. Would be a bit mean, wouldn’t it.

If you want to check a playlist that has been sorted and filtered with lots of love, check February’s Boom Bap Selection.

With this selection right here I can’t really take responsibility for your mental health. There’s funny Riff Raff verses over funky beats, there’s smooth lounge tunes and than all of a sudden you’re hit by the most aggressive trap attack ever. Sorry.