Prague Parkour Scene (Video)

prague parkour

Kids! Don’t try this at home! Or in Prague, even if the urban landscape seems to be pretty inviting… Check this nice little article about the Prague Parkour Scene plus one very entertaining video of Sahir performing his daredevil stuff!

Outside of more traditional Czech sports, such as hockey, football, and table football, there is another sport, an athletic epidemic that is growing more and more popular among many, that involves incredible acts of strength and agility – one that can test the human body to its very limit.

I’m not talking about drinking. I’m talking about Czech parkour. In small villages across this country, in Brno and in Prague, young kids are running up walls, jumping across buildings, doing backflips from tree branches onto concrete embankments, then finishing perhaps with a casual spin or two through the air to safely land on the sidewalk below.

Surprisingly, parkour (and with it, the associated sport of free running) has amassed a large underground following in the Czech Republic. Young kids are turning to the sport more and more, both for the ability to film their cool stunts and post them on YouTube, but also for the feelings of self-expression and confidence it gives them.


Check the article on and if you ever find yourself looking for nice settings to jump around in: Check out Vltavska Station, see below!