The Photography of Hunter S. Thompson has got quite the gallery of Hunter S. Thompson’s Photographs, all of which can also be found in his book “Gonzo: Photographs by Hunter S. Thompson“. I was a poor student when it came out and still bought it for what felt like a million dollars then. By now you can get it used for less than € 15.- and it’s definitely worth every Euro buck – even if you’re buying it new.

hunter s. thompson photography

This guy just had the talent to capture the entire Zeitgeist of 60s’ and 70s’ counter culture in the US not only in text, but also in the form of photographs. Oh yeah plus he re-invented Journalism. Lucky genius bastard.

As I’m not really sure how all that copyright BS works, there won’t be any links to the pictures here. Go to mashKulture or whudat and have a look. And then buy the book already you ungenerous little…when was the last time you bought a book anyway, huh? At least there’s pictures in this one so it might be a good gateway drug to some real reading for a change. Or just stay tuned to this little Elfenbeinturm (transl. ivory tower) of a blog.