Paco De Lucia Dies At 66

Damnit. RIP. One of his smallest achievements was turning the “Vicky Christina Barcelona” OST from a nice selection of latin tunes into a superb soundtrack by contributing his classic “Entre Dos Aguas”.

For many people, Paco De Lucia was the guy that inspired them to play the guitar. However, he’s also the reason for many – including yours truly – to just go “Fvck this, I’m never going to be half as good as this Maestro, might as well just listen instead of ruining the sound for myself”…now I feel like brushing off the many layers of dust from my guitar…

“My father and all my brothers played guitar, so before I picked it up, before I could speak, I was listening. Before I started to play, I knew every rhythm of the flamenco. I knew the feeling and the meaning of the music, so when I started to play, I went directly to the sound I had in my ear.”

At the age of 18 he recorded his first album in Madrid.

Via BBC.