Old Man Joins Soccer Game – What Happens Then Will Actually Not Surprise You Too Much!

I am pretty good at creating clickbait headlines, hum? Whatever. Of course the video is as authentic and real as Kim Kardashian’s face. Although Kim’s make-up is probably much better than the supposedly old dude’s in this video. And her acting on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is probably better than most of the extras’ on court and in the audience – which is just awful.

Apart from all the obvious flaws and annoyances that this video offers, dude’s skills are still impressive. Especially all the tricks he is pulling out of his pocket from 1:35. Am I the only one who thinks that the Grandpa-guy, who is of course football freestyle legend and Youtube sensation Sean Garnier, looks much better as an old man than with the “look” he is going with right now tho?

Anyhow:, on a footy-world-cup-anticipation-scale from 0 (what world cup?) to 100 (private parts painted in team colors) that video pushed me from 3 up to somewhere in between 7-10.

To quote that genius signs seen at one of the protest rallies against the world cup in Brazil:

  • No Education
  • No Security
  • No Public Transport

Let’s organize a World Cup!

genius world cup brazil meme sign

pic via funnyandtumblr.