Nino El Dino – Kicks EP (Free Beattape)

Today I would like to introduce you to eight super laid-back instrumental tracks by beatsmith Nino El Dino from Munich. The overall lazy but still happy Bossa Nova vibe seems fitting today, as all Germans are in a party kind of mood although only a handful of people have actually participated in winning the World Cup in Brazil (and nein, Frau Merkel, you are not part of that elite clique). Peep the stream below and download the entire tape for free!

Oh, by the way. I am a pretty serious hater of a bad alias, especially if the artist who has chosen a bad showbiz name for himself is very good in his field of work. As far as I am concerned the alias “Nino El Dino” is acceptable only for someone whose name actually is Nino. Plus: He has to resemble a dinosaur in some way or another (although a funny dino howl soundbyte would be OK as well). Thankfully his real name is in fact Nino plus he does perform wearing a dinosaur mask.

So…yeah. You are alright with me, Nino El Dino!

nino el dino live

Nino El Dino: Producer, München.
Akai MPC, Moog Voyager