In Need Of Some Dope, Man? Only Buy From Trustworthy Pushers!

Hi, it’s me,, the blog from the future. And what I am telling you now might seem weird to you – but that’s because in your little mind Marijuana is still associated to bad company like heroin, chrystal meth, the Mafia and maybe even communists. I’d like you to open your eyes though, please. This is totally real (in stark contrast to that viral video with celebs riding hoverboards):

You know AirBNB? Well, the same kind of principle has now been put into practice in the legal division of the drug trade (yupp, that’s a thing now). A platform that connects people who legally provide marijuana (or at least the needed prescription) with the people that are legally entitled to buy and use it.

WeedBNB. Purple Hazebook. LinkedGreen.

Mindblowing. Quite literally. Check the first ever officially broadcasted commercial for what is basically very similar to a drug dealer back when people rode horses and Mary Jane was a persona non grata all over the world. By the way, I’m very irritated that neither the platform’s claim nor the soundtrack to this commercial is “I’m Your Pusher” (Ice-T). Would have been so perfect. Still a nice ad though.

via itsrap.


And there’s another video clip right on the platform that advertises and explains the whole system like it’s just another service that simplifies your life. Simplif-high! Okay, enough with the puns already. Check it out:

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation from on Vimeo.


By the way, wondering what the status quo in the Czech Republic looks like, in terms of weed? Well…it’s not yet ready to have its own Supposedly there’s a market of about 20,000 eligible users and one (!) firm has legally imported seven pounds from the Netherlands back in 2013. Where it all went? Up in smoke. No news on that. Prague, “the Amsterdam of the east”?. To quote Omar Little: “I thinks not”..