MUR$ & CURTI$$ – Justin Bieber’s Black Baby

Bieber time is in full effect on Procrasti-Nation.EU and I am not proud of it. But how in the name of everything holy can I not blog about a song in which Murs raps, sings and shouts from the perspective of a black baby that Justin Bieber allegedly has got sitting in his head, controlling his actions?

The song is not about Bieber fathering a child with a black woman, but instead is about a black baby inside Justin’s head that has been offering him advice on how to live his life. Murs raps from the perspective of the inner voice itself.

“Smoking loud with hella random black dudes/Shirt off showing off my fucking tattoos.” This can’t be made up.


The whole mixtape – a backpacker’s adventure into the world of trap music – is available below:

justin biebers black baby