Microscopic Moods Vol. 1: To Begin Where? (Audiovisual Art)

Ey yo, I just found this “Microscopic Moods Vol. 1″ mix in my soundcloud stream and thought it might be worth sharing. And then it turns out, this minimix is just part of a bigger thing…



This mix is “only” the soundtrack to a visual artpiece by Eva Papamargariti. At first I was confused. But when “King Push” hit my eardrums and some kind of star-wars-esque pod racer carriage in the shape of a heart flew through my screen (see below) I was like, yeah, now this is starting to make sense. And now I love it. Enjoy your trip!


to begin where visual art eva papamargariti


While we’re hoping 2014 is as filled with artistic surprises as 2013, one of the first delights has been To Begin Where, the latest work by Eva Papamargariti, a Greek artist who combines architecture and digital media in her practice. Teaming up with Paul Preston (AKA PBDY), a Los Angeles-based DJ, producer, and the driving force behind Brainfeeder and TAR, the two have brought together the best elements of their practices to produce 25 minutes of stunning audiovisual material, seen above.

via thecreatorsproject.

Visuals by Eva Papamargariti
Mix by PBDY (Brainfeeder, TAR)

Also published on Creators Project: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/premiere-net-artist-eva-papamargariti-turns-a-dj-mix-into-a-transfixing-music-video



audiovisual art eva papamargariti microscopic moods vol 1

microscopic moods where to begin audiovusal art


Check out thecreatorsproject for an interesting interview with the creator of it all, Eva Papamargariti.