Melodiesinfonie – Friede Freude (Beattape)

‘Peace and joy’ are not only emotions that listening to this tape will stir up inside of you, but also the official title of the latest beattape by suisse producer “Melodiesinfonie”. Outstanding among all the super relaxed beats are of course the tracks featuring talented singers: Djemeia, Marlene Winkler and Nora Becker. Excellent. The entire tape has that kind of L.A./Soulection vibe going on that I am into a lot these days.

Melodiesinfonie’s music has been inspiring thousands of music lovers the past couple of years. He makes a clear statement of positivity with a sound which is nostalgic and very modern at the same time. He is all about spreading love and freeing spirits and he lets the music do the talking, because his beats speak for themselves as for his playful and pure approach to music.
We are very excited and proud to present Melodiesinfonies not only first release on Boyoom Connective, but also his Debut Album available as a hard copy for all the vinyl lovers. “Friede Freude” which translates with “peace and joy” is a statement of a young talented musician who proves once again that a cheerful mind can create awesome music that will cheer up even the grumpiest soul.

Buy and stream on Bandcamp.

via Whudat.