Mayer Hawthorne – Behind The Door (Mini Documentary)

It’s a 16 minutes Making Of Video to Mayer Hawthorne’s third album “Where Does This Door Go”. And you should probably watch it.

In a year when blue-eyed soul reigned, Mayer Hawthorne didn’t disappoint. He dropped his 2013 album Where Does This Door Go? in July, enlisting the likes of Grammy big winner Pharrell, Jake One, Da Internz and Kendrick Lamar (who rips “Crime”) for contributions. As Mayer makes his tour rounds, the Ann Arbor native brings this inside look at his third album, with commentary from key collaborators. Find out what happened Behind The Door above.


By the way. Pharrell – I think – should charge for appearing in artist’s studio videos. Nobody can give you excitement quite like he can. Well maybe Jay Z with his “OMG who exploded in the bathroom” face. But other than that? Pharrizell and Pharrizell only. I want to have this guy give me feedback on my monthly performance please.

pharrell mayer hawthorne behind the door mini documentary

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