Start Your Weekend Right: Max Graef Mix @ Gilles Peterson Worldwide

max graef gilles petersonRadio legend Gilles Peterson is giving props to Berlin’s own Max Graef. This mix is all over the place, combining the most relaxed jazz tunes with weird EDM & house sounds. Still it works rather beautifully! If you’re into that kind of weirdness, check out Rivers Of The Red Planet, his solo effort. I’m wondering wether Berlin is his real origin…his work sounds a lot like he’s actually from La Planète Sauvage, which is nice.

pic via studiestraße.

19 Year Old Producer from Berlin, has a background in Jazz playing drums and guitar. So far he has released new music on Tartelet Records, as well as his own Box Aus Holz label, through Oye Records.

Making solid house and hip hop, sampling Chick Corea, Donald Byrd, Ohio Players…


Knowsum – “I know what you kryptonite or last summer” – Sichtexot
Flatpocket – “Sofortrente” – Melting Pot Music
Gerald Astro & Imyrmind – “Pimmelmann (Arbeitstitel)” – Box aus Holz Records
Max Graef – “Jazz 104” – Tartelet Records
Adam Makowicz Unit – “Seven For Five” – Muza + Forbidden Planet OST
Mar – “Variation 2: Bipolar Friendship” – Melting Pot Music
Dopegems – “Journey to the shore” – Traveller Records
Saine – “Matte (Imyrmind remix – Unreleased Version)”
Max Graef – “Jane” – Tartelet Records
Metal Fingers – “Elder Blossoms” – Nature Sounds
Brous One – “Still time 4 you” – A.U.D.D.A.