Leaked Kanye West Setlist

Apparently Kanye’s infamous rants on stage aren’t as spontaneous as you would have thought. According to super serious source “Funny Or Die” every little detail is planned carefully. Check out the original leaked setlist for one of his concerts below which even included a fairly long phase of praise for the surely wonderful smell of Yeezus’s farts:

leaked kanye west setlist

Rapper Kanye West was recently booed at a concert for going on a 15-minute rant about everything from Louis Vuitton to all the people who’ve told him he’s “not awesome” in his life. The all-over-the-place tangent seemed spontaneous, but Kanye actually carefully plans all of his setlists, right down to the rants:

via funnyordie

kanye west fake setlist rant fart

Pic via U2soul / Wikimedia Commons