Kollegah & Majoe feat. Die Götzfried Girls – Von Salat schrumpft der Bizeps (Video)

kollegah salat schrumpft bizepsIt doesn’t get much more stereotypical German than that…check out this genius April’s fools video for “Von Salat schrumpft der Bizeps” by German rappers Kollegah and Majoe. The main issue of this track – lyrically – is the “scientifically proven” fact that salad makes your biceps shrink. Yeah. Apart from the lyrics a lot more typically German issues are being presented as well. Cows, Bavarian Swag and the sexiest Rap Video Hoes.

The sexy and talented “Götzfried Girls” are spitting some lines that are so deep and profound that I suspect it’s all the work of some genius ghost writer…and as Farid Bang is nowhere to be seen or heard in this video it makes me wonder…might he be the lyricist responsible for the Götzfried Girls’ wicked punchlines?

In the end it all comes down to this: If you don’t want to have the arms of a T-Rex, remember this: Salad makes your biceps shrink….which of course is an actual quote from the chorus of this authentic German rap & accordion drop banger.

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