Mixtape Of The Year 2014: Jonwayne – The Marion Morrison Mixtape (Free Download)

jonwayne mixtapeThis was not a mixtape-heavy year. There weren’t any outstanding mash-up-albums, there was no instant classic Wiz Khalifa tape. Yes, two giants came up with a rightfully hyped free album, The Abstract And The Dragon. The joint effort mainly consisted of classics. Basically three tracks were brand new and the rest was recycling. I’m not complaining, jussayin.

2013 also had this Jonwayne mixtape on offer though. If PROCRASTI NATION had a “man of the year” award to give away, he’d get that one too. Because not only does he deliver quality sound. No, he looks very interesting as well, which for me is a big plus!

This Mixtape is actually kind of the finale of a mixtape trilogy called “Cassette”:

Jonwayne’s Cassette 3 – the last in a trilogy of cassette releases – is the Marion Morrison Mixtape, featuring Captain Murphy, Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh and Oliver the 2nd. Some of the beats are by Jonwayne, others recycled from the Gods of Rap. The original Cassette (R.I.P.) and Cassette 2 were both cassette releases only. This time around we’re offering a free download of the album.

Source: Stones Throw

Download here or listen to the stream here:

This guy’s flow reminds me a lot of Jay Electronica’s. His beats however have that nice and raw Stones Throw touch which surprisingly works well with his rather laid-back kind of stoner-flow. By the way, he’s his own producer, DJ and everything.

Merry christmas, this is my present for all of you, you’re welcome!

Little bonus: There’s more. Peep his first album “Rap Album One” that dropped in october and his earlier efforts, for example his tape “This Is False”:

Jonwayne – This Is False: Download

5/5 in terms of cover art – haven’t had the chance to listen to it so far though:

Jonwayne Mixtape

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