Jay Z x Beyoncé – On The Run Tour Trailer

Wait, what?

The couple exchange shootouts and summer camp stories with the following friends:
Sean Penn
Don Cheadle
Guillermo Díaz
Emmy Rossum
Jake Gyllenhaal
Blake Lively
Rashida Jones
Kidada Jones
Jay Z threatens Don Cheadle, Blake Lively cradles Beyonce’s face and tries her absolute best to remember her lines, and Rashida Jones shows up to bring levity to the depressing reality that famous people have no idea what the fuck they’re doing. It also vaguely resembles a Drake video that seemed impossible to top at one point in time.

Most mystifying of all about a truly difficult-to-endure video: if you are over 17, you must not watch this without a person or a curator. Find a person (or curator) and watch it. But not before.