Introducing: Cattle Rap (Auctioneers’ Vocals x Hip Hop Beats)

Battle Rap is dead. Long live Cattle Rap! But what exactly is Cattle Rap? It was David “Big Daddy Cattle” Kemp, who first introduced merging Auctioneers’ babbling with Hip Hop Beats in 2011. Back then, Nebraska’s very own MC Rick Shoemaker a.k.a. “Auction Bronson” was on the mic spittin’ mad verses, well, rhymes…or sounds at least. Visually the whole thing had quite the vintage appeal tho, but see for yourselves:

Now the godfather of Cattle Rap is back featuring Rhett “The Chat” Parks who is delivering quite the show in a wide screen HD presentation. In fact, “Rhett The Rapper” seems to have gotten wind of his underground fame and has been commenting on the video. He’s kind of giving himself props – well-deserved!

Unreal? Quite the opposite. Check the source material below. I can spot one or two more dudes who would be quite a competition for established rappers, even for double time rap legend Twista. Cattle Rap is here to stay!

Listening to a fast-talking auctioneer in action can be entertaining on its own. But what happens when you mix in some hip-hop? Well, hilarity, awe, and stupefaction all at once. The simple but genius idea came from Berlin-based David Kemp who thought of the concept in 2011 and coined the term “Cattlerap.” In this new video, watch as Rhett Parks auctions off some livestock in Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Via MashKulture.