Interview: Taste Nasa, The Man Behind “Ordinary Touch”

taste nasaI got aware of Taste Nasa’s existence rather randomly: A friend of mine told me to check out Mzètwo and his visuals for “Michael Jackson”. I liked it, consequently started following him on twitter only to see the guy tweeting “Taste Level Young Michael” and linking to Taste Nasa’s single “Ordinary Touch” that featured a sample from “Billie Jean” prominently right at the beginning.

In the days that followed I couldn’t get that song out of my head. I was even singing „no ordinary trash“ when I was bringing the trash out and stuff.

So I contacted ‚Big Taste’ and asked him a couple of questions – which of course would have been even nicer face to face but him being based in New Zealand, that unfortunately wasn’t really an option. Hit the play button for the “NZ massive” playlist, check out „Ordinary Touch“ and peep the interview – the first interview I’ve done with anyone ever, actually – below:


Please expand on your relationship to Mzètwo and your common inspiration, Michael Jackson:

TASTE NASA: Mzwetoo and I have been working together for the last three years, we produce music together under the moniker ‘Why S.L‘. We are often working together on various things so we tend to share the similar inspirations at corresponding times. I’m pretty sure he wrote Michael Jackson in the same couple of weeks that I wrote Ordinary Touch. We’re on the Rick Ross tip atm though.

What’s your inspiration? How did you come up with the plan to „re-invent feelings-funk?“ as stated in the press release?

TASTE NASA: With Taste Nasa I do what I feel. I’m not trying to re-invent anything, it just happens and I roll with it. Feelings-funk is something that just happened with Ordinary Touch. The rest of the EP drifts off into other areas.

Who would you want to record a duet with?

TASTE NASA: Gwen Stefani or Sade

Apart from you, what other NZ based artists is the rest of the world missing out on?

TASTE NASA: Have you heard of High Hoops? He’s on that other level. I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces when they find out what he’s playing at.

How do you feel about all this “democratisation of the music market” talk. I mean, certainly everyone’s got a chance to make their music publicly available in the age of soundcloud etc – but somehow it seems to be rather difficult to find quality…I mean, how is it possible that “Ordinary Touch” has only been played 1200 times on soundcloud and your video has only been watched 400 times in the course of a week?

TASTE NASA: Good question. You know, I used to care about that but the more you think about it the more confusing it gets. Quality in music is so hard to define, I think it has been for at least half a century. But I don’t know maybe i’m just really terrible at Marketing haha?

Do you think it might be more difficult to actually reach your audience making pop-esque music rather than dopey EDM remixes of Drake tracks or Trap stuff?

TASTE NASA: I ask myself that a lot. My main problem is that I don’t really care for attention, don’t get me wrong, it can be nice and i’d welcome it if it came but i’m quite selfish with the music, I make it how I feel like making it. If other people get to feel it that’s a bonus.

What can we expect in 2014 and 2015? Is there an LP, EP or something on the horizon?

TASTE NASA: I think i’ll release my EP at the end of April.

Last but not least: Tell us about the video for “Ordinary Touch”. What’s the idea behind that – and is that you slurping away on that straw in the middle of the green scenery?

TASTE NASA: The idea was conceived my Art partner Gareth Hemmings. It genuinely means nothing, which is why it can say anything. Yes it’s me.

Rick James or Prince?

TASTE NASA: I love them both for completely different reasons. But I’d rather come home to a Prince album after a days work.

Thank you for taking the time!

TASTE NASA: Thanks heaps.

And that was that. Big Taste came across humble as a motherf* and genuinely interested in creating great art. I am even more excited for his future ventures now. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the interview as much as I have – and more importantly: I hope you’re now as hooked to „Ordinary Touch“ as I am. Can’t stop grooving to that song. Genius. Taste Level Young Michael, indeed.


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Check out this video below if you want to know more about his productions and the 2013 single “Night Guy”. Luckily I’ve only just found this. Had I bothered doing my research properly, this article would have maybe been one of my usual “uahaha check out this x because y. dope. also check z.” posts without the interview and nothing substantial.