Hannah Faith: Music To… Chill In The Sun To (Free Mixtape)

At a time when basically the entire european continent is being hit with another pretty unexpected wave of cold winds, rain and just generally shitty weather, London of all places is about to bring sunny vibes back into our lives. Hannah Faith reps Soulection’s new London Massive (Big up!); she’s the first Londoner to ever represent Soulection, actually.

And with this mix she mos def delivers. RESTECPA! Leeeet the sunshines, let the sunshine in! The suuuunshine iiiiin!

Hannah Faith is the first London DJ to represent the super smooth sounds of @Soulection. Delving deep into the mix with 40 minutes sweet selection, this is Hannah Faith. This ones a jam.

“When I make a mix, it’s all about the feel. Music puts me in a zone where I feel most happy. With this mix, I wanted to give that feeling to those that listen to it, a really relaxed, chilled sensation. Something you can press play to, and vibe out to, whenever and whatever the circumstance. My ideal location to listen to this mix would be on a rooftop somewhere, cocktail in hand, surrounded by good people as we vibe out and enjoy the sunshine.”