GTFO Yung Lean – Lil Shark Is Coming Your Way!

I don’t really get Yung Lean. I can’t grasp what Lil B is all about either. But it seems that mainstream (trap / Lex Luger / Rick Ross standard) rap is just getting easier and easier to imitate. Or maybe I’m just missing the point. Most recently I have stumbled upon the most recent “rap sensation” of that kind: Lil Shark.

Although I must say I love the video. There’s sharks and crazy MS-Office-97-fonts everywhere! And even pizza! Peep the video and two youtubers’ comments on the video I consider to be both very much on point and almost poetic below:

Hip Hop is a fucking joke now, shame on u cvnts. You ruined good music. This sh!t is all the same.

Adam Wheatley

i liked the bit where the shark was eating pizza and then i was like all dang gotta eat a pizza now yolo


The verdict? Sorry, I don’t have none. This eleven years old kid is just as “genius” and noteworthy as Yung Lean and his #sadboys crew.