Grandmas React To Beyonce’s Drunk In Love Remix Featuring Kanye West

Kanyeezy’s verse on the remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” might be one of the smuttiest to hit mainstream rap in the last few years. I have to say though: I appreciate Kanye’s approach a lot more than Jay’s this time around. Kanye just goes wild with ridiculous lines like “You’re a MILF and I’m a motherf…” whereas of course the Jigga tries to get artsy fartsy references in there: “Foreplay in a foyer, fucked up my Warhol”. Can we have the old Jigga back please? We aren’t interested too much in your high brow art critique, sir!

Have a look below and see what three lovely old ladies (or grandmas, as the video’s title suggests) have to say about the lyrics. By the way: My grandmas wouldn’t continue eating sandwiches and cake after having found out what the general direction of those lyrics actually was…after Kanye’s verse’s second line I’ve quoted above.


Kanye West is a basketball player…although I have never seen him play

But Beyonce…her husband is such a sweetheart!