Goat Simulator’s Inherent Humor Analyzed By The PBS Game Show (Video)

This week’s episode of PBS Game/Show is all about the hilarious Goat Simulator game. It’s ridiculous and funny, but not for the same reason as other humorous videogames. This game allows you to create your own humor instead of laughing at the humor of writers and game designers – which is what I have been doing in every game from the GTA series for decades…without it being the actual purpose of the game, however.

In this episode, Jamin Warren explores how Goat Simulator could redefine the genre of funny games. Wait – you diddn’t even know there was a game that allowed you to live your dream and become a goat for a few utterly happy minutes? Then you are not one of the more loyal readers of this blog. Check the trailer video here.

Yes, it was released on April Fools Day, but Goat Simulator may be a surprisingly revolutionary title. Games often struggle to make us laugh, and GS is, well, hilarious. Sure, there have been several games that have been intentionally and successfully funny, but not in a way that is unique to gaming. The beauty of videogames is that they give authority to the player, which is exactly what Goat Simulator does. But is Goat Simulator really so radically different than its funny predecessors? Watch the episode and find out!

Thanks BJ Klophaus for the heads up!