German Rapper’s “Wurst Case Scenario” Advertisement (All Youtube Videos + Medley)

Wurst comes to Wurst and my german peoples come first. Das Bo has recorded a few Wurst commercials for you to enjoy. Check out the videos below. If the medley isn’t enough there’s one video for each genre that’s in the medley: Rock, Rap, Emo, Schlager, Techno. Enjoy your journey through Das Bo’s Rügenwalder hood.

german rapper raps about wurst das bo ruegenwalderOnly five weeks ago I was arguing with Americans about Germans and their apparent obsession with sausages. Being German, it wasn’t really that obvious to me that German sausages were so prominently featured in other people’s perception of Germany. In the end, I agreed with the Americans. And I was getting peckish for Nürnberger Rostbratwürste. Now that I’m writing about it…


You don’t want beef with the Rügenwald! Don’t mess with the Schlager and the EDM version either though!

Via Falk’s Facebook