German Gangsta Rap: Haftbefehl – Notorious H.A.F.T. (Free Mixtape)

German Gangsta RapBelieve it or not. In Germany there’s an institution that tells people what their “Jugendwort des Jahres” (roughly transl.: adolescents’ slang word of the year) is. And this year – we have been told – it is “Babo” (which means “boss” or “daddy” depending on who you ask), a term coined by Haftbefehl, the godfather of German Gangsta Rap. Well, maybe he’s not the godfather. But he has to be the most celebrated. Celebrated by the mainstream media and by both grass roots rap heads and new-age-gangsta-trap-molly -rap-you-name-it stans.

Need proof? In 2012 Germany’s top notch creme de la creme producers joined forces and came up with a free remix album, consisting only of Haftbefehl’s fan favorites…remixed. Germany’s Dillas, Madlibs and Pete Rocks conferred the knightly accolade upon Germany’s “The Game / Prodigy / 2Pac” by combining Haftbefehl’s destinctly rough lyrics and his very special flow with their golden-era-type hip hop beats. And it worked out surprisingly well:


1. Dann mit der Pumpgun (Brenk-RMX) (feat. Manuellsen und Massiv) – 4:10
2. Glänzen (Hade-RMX 2) – 3:40
3. Schock (Fid Mella-RMX) – 2:44
4. Dunkle Träume (Torky Tork-RMX) (feat. Chaker) – 2:33
5. Rotlichtmilieu (Dexter-RMX) (feat. Kollegah und Farid Bang) – 4:24 (Prepare pronouncing “IM ROTLISCHTMIJÖ!” for your next German lesson!)
6. Von Bezirk zu Bezirk (Kova-RMX) (feat. Azad und Jeyz) – 3:40 (Alles is’ gef*! – Parental Advisory!)
7. Hass Schmerz (Torky Tork-RMX) – 2:40
8. Nehm’ dir alles weg (16 Bars) (Shuko-RMX) – 1:55
9. Psst (V.Raeter-RMX) – 2:19
10. An alle Azzlackz (Suff Daddy-RMX) – 3:01
11. Gestern Gallus, heute Charts (Mortis One-RMX) – 4:11
12. Sommernacht in Offenbach (Brenk-RMX) – 3:08 (Wrong season, right mood. Classic remis!x, no matter the weather!)
13. H.A.F.T. (Dexter-RMX) – 4:11
14. Azzlackz sterben jung (Clefco-RMX) – 3:26
15. Dunkle Träume (Ingvar-RMX) (feat. Chaker) – 2:36
16. Glänzen (Hade-RMX 1) – 3:55

You can download the whole tape for free here, thx to Splash-Mag!

By the way: ”Haftbefehl” is the technical term for “arrest warrant”. If you google the term, the majority of results on the first page are exclusively about the rapper. Police, go get yourselves a new term for “arrest warrant”!