FULL CRATE X Daily Paper 30 Minute Mix

daily paper full crate

If you are interested in what major artists like Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna will sound like in a few years time you should check out this guy’s little minimix for Daily Paper. As we have learned, FULL CRATE has quite the history of being able to sense a shift in what people appreciate in terms of sound nowadays. This selection is full of impulses that I could imagine as being future trends in mainstream music – and fortunately a lot of these are pretty house-y.

Let’s hope FULL CRATE’s predictions will come true again. Thanks for Future R’n'B by the way dude!

My inspiration for this mix is a new wave of sound coming up; it’s a mixture of sexy r&b, 808 bass and house. In this mix I combined a few of my favorite tunes (new and old). To be honest my heritage doesn’t have a big role in my music. But my parents do. Both of them made sure I grew up with the right type of music. From Classical from my mom, to Motown and Rock from my dad.