Figub Brazlevic: Artist Of The Year 2013

Figub BrazlevicOkay, so here’s the story that led up to this embarrassingly short article. I recently discovered that a lot of tracks I love listening to have been produced by Figub Brazlevic. So I wanted to write a little article about the guy bearing maybe one of the most awesome names, at least in europe, Figub Brazlevic. What happened then was procrastination at its finest. Instead of doing my research properly, I was enjoying every single page and video I (re)visited so much that I didn’t give a single fvck about the article anymore.

So in the end, this article is something like a little portfolio of Figub’s stuff I enjoy most at the moment. So basically it’s worth nothing at all. Yet! Because I am pretty certain that this guy will blow up pretty soon and pretty heavily. German Beat Geeks Of The Year 2013 may have been the Betty Ford Boys. Figub Brazlevic is going to be near the top on everybody’s list in Germany come the end of 2014. This is a promise! Because no one seems to be able to re-activate boom-bap quite like Figub. And Germany loves Boom Bap.

So feel free to check out the samples I collected and appreciate the extreme variety of dopeness.

Brizluc Fagevib’s profile on Soundcloud.

Bigub Frazlevic’s Bandcamp presence.

Frigib Bazlevic’s views in an interview with (in german, sorry international fam!)

Don’t Let The Label Label You: Interview (incl. english subtitles)

MarvinGame & Figub Brazlevic – 21 Stunden

Celo & Abdi – Über Wasser Halten RMX (prod. Figub Brazlevic)